Rosie Haysom


Rosie Haysom

Yoga and Talk Therapy

With just over ten years of experience as a counsellor and five years experience as a yoga teacher I have developed a new model of therapy that integrates my learning from yoga (in terms of the benefit of physical movement, relaxation, breath and energy work) with my knowledge of mental health.

In my counselling work, I had started to wonder a long while ago why some clients remained stuck in unhealthy patterns of thought / behaviour, unable to change even when they ‘knew’ how to do things differently.

I began to realise that neither the body nor the mind was in complete control and counselling was prioritising the role of the mind far too much. Talking alone just wasn’t enough for some people to shift chronic and / or physically embodied responses of fear / trauma / pain.

As my yoga teaching experience increased I found myself drawn towards working with people who would consider themselves too unfit, inflexible, injured or in pain to attend classes. Here my passion for creating a more wholistic way of healing body and mind took form!

I’ve now been offering Yoga & Talk Therapy together as an integrated therapeutic experience for a couple of years and have found that it often provides quicker and more successful results for people. It also offers clients life skills (such as breathing and movement practices) that they can take away with them.

This way of working gives me the freedom to intuitively tailor a session to each client’s individual needs. I have been so pleased that I made the decision to end my counselling practice this year and dedicate myself to it full time.

  • Yoga & Talk Therapy (the perfect combination of Yoga & Counselling)
  • Yoga 1-2-1’s
  • Small & friendly Yoga classes - levels suitable for more or less all body types, ages and abilities


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