Lorna Thursfield


Lorna Thursfield


Lorna Thursfield qualified and set up her practice as a Kinesiologist in 2000, and followed up with a science degree specialising in Nutritional Therapy which she has now fully integrated into her practice.

Nutritional Therapy may be offered on its own, but we see much greater benefits when it is supported by Kinesiology.


Kinesiology is a complete holistic therapy, encompassing energy medicine, structural realignment, nutritional deficiencies and/or excesses, chemical assaults on the body causing allergic reactions, and also emotional concerns.
Nutritional Therapy also takes an holistic approach where the practitioner applies nutrition science to offer advice on how your diet and lifestyle can promote optimal health, peak performance and disease prevention.

What to expect during a treatment?

You will be asked to complete a questionnaire prior to your first appointment and this will lead to discussion about what you would like to achieve from your treatment. Setting a goal helps us to measure how you progress. Your treatment is really led by you. You will be asked to lie down (fully clothed) and Lorna will carry out gentle tests normally using your arms and legs, on muscles which have a direct link with specific organs in your body. Your responses allow Lorna to devise a specific treatment plan for you. A unique package that may include massage of lymphatic reflexes, reinforcing the acupuncture meridian, dietary advice, lifestyle changes, relaxation techniques, perhaps nutritional supplements, and very often flower essences, all of which you will have chosen through your responses to the muscle tests, specifically to help you achieve your goal(s). Taster treatments are offered at minimal cost, if you would like to have a truly energizing experience.


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