Jim Alexander


Jim Alexander

Life Coaching, confidence coaching, executive coaching

As a coach, it is my job to guide clients to create the outcomes they want, and give them the motivation and inspiration to achieve certain goals. Working together we create an alliance and a structure that serves the purpose of getting motivated to make these dreams come true. 

The only thing I expect is commitment. I will only work with people who truly want to change or develop. Therefore I always conduct a free consultation to understand how strong this commitment is, and to see if there is scope to create a relationship that achieves amazing results.

There are many different ways of doing this so please get in touch to see if we can make an outstanding team.

Consultations usually last 20 – 30 minutes and sessions are around 60 minutes.

Different rates apply depending on a tailored package approach.

If you get in touch, then we know that you have started to commit to the change you want to see.   


Tel: 07966 454 607

Email: jim@theperformercoach.com

Web: www.theperformercoach.com