Christina Wilton


Christina Wilton

Alexander Technique

The everyday activities of standing, sitting, walking, breathing and a restful lying down exercise are taught in Alexander lessons. There is no need to do special work outs. Just become aware of how you’re using your body when you’re sitting eating a meal, working at your desk, standing in the supermarket queue, or walking down the road. Awareness of how you use your body in ordinary life is what you’ll learn with the Alexander Technique. Why?

Any object in balance is light and easy to move. The same is true of the human body. The better physically balanced we are, the more comfortably we can stand and sit, and the lighter and more easily we can move – these are all benefits of having Alexander lessons.

Most of us compress our bodies all day every day and fail to use our proper height. This is called ‘shortening’. Lessons show us how to use our bodies at their full height which releases the support within the torso. This is described as using the body in a ‘lengthened’ way enabling the limbs to swing more freely.

Trained in the early ‘70s, Christina Wilton then taught in America for five years. She has run a private practice in the Oxted neighbourhood since the mid-1980s. She is a Member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique. She is also available to teach group classes.

Some people have Alexander lessons to improve their performance in sport, music or drama. Many others find lessons help relieve everyday aches and pains. Most have about ten half hour sessions, ideally over a six month period, to learn to use the Technique for self-help. Some choose to continue for a longer period.


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