Allison Ellman Brown


Allison Ellman Brown

Lip Reading Teaching Hearing Aid Consultant

Alison Ellman-Brown has worked in the medical field since 1960 and qualified as a Hearing Aid Consultant in 1990.

She trained and qualified with Siemens but has also worked on the wholesale side liasing closely with hospitals and hearing therapists throughout the British Isles. In 1996 she qualified as a lip reading teacher and now teaches at Sevenoaks and Canterbury. Having a deaf brother and sister herself, has given her a deeper understanding of the frustration and lack of understanding associated with the problems of the hard of hearing.


There are many reasons for poor hearing: childhood infections, noise exposure, mastoid or stapedectomy operations, drugs, hereditary factors, trauma and otosclerosis.

A hearing loss can be complex and very individual. The longer it is left unaided,the more difficult it is for the brain to retain the memory of sound. A comprehensive hearing service is offered, within an appointment of one hour. A detailed hearing test is carried out which includes inspection of the ears, a medical history (related to ears), discussion of problems and experiences of any previous aids used. After testing, the results will be clearly explained to you and recommendations made.


Many people will experience a ringing or “rushing” in their head, if momentarily. It is only when the noise dominates someone's life that we need to do something. The latest thinking is that this “noise” is caused by a poor message contact between the hair cells in the inner ear and the acoustic nerve to the brain. Many people suffering from Tinnitus also have some hearing loss.

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